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Hi, my names Joel. I'm an experienced book maker here to help you cross the finish line in your writing journey.

ready to make your book?

Do you have a novel or collections of poems you are ready to share with the world, but don't know how to get started? If so, I might be of assistance! I offer the most affordable book creation services on the web.

How it works

    What we will do: 


  • Proof Your Manuscript 


  • Book Interior Set Up


  • Book Cover Design   


  • Amazon Placement

Are our services right for you?


We focus on taking completed manuscripts and turning them into beautiful books. I am not an editor and your manuscript will need to be edited before we can proceed. If you need help finding an editor I can always point you in the right direction.   


We do not do children's or picture books at this point in time.


Things to Consider


I only have the ability to take on two clients a week. Keep this in mind if you want a specific publication date.



Our entry service cost is $450 which covers 15 hours of work on the book. (which is generally more than enough time) There is also a $15 fee for a book cover formatting. 

The price may increase depending on the individual needs of the author. After discussing needs and payment is received, we will then begin the creation of your book within 3-5 business days or agreed upon scheduled date! Payments can be made via Papal or Venmo.


The bulk of the book making process takes place in the first week. It is important to be available for questions that come up during this process.  It can take three weeks to one month to complete the book. If the book still needs work after 15 hours or exceeds the one month time frame, additional work is charged at an hourly rate of $25.

Book Cover

Creation of a book cover is built into the price of the book making fee. However, If I am unable to make a cover that is satisfactory then you will have to find a book cover maker. Because I outsource this step to a graphic designer a $15 book cover formatting fee applies each time we finalize a book cover.


I highly recommend checking out Canva.com and playing with their free book cover creator. The majority of covers I have made for clients have been through Canva.com because of the ease of use and free cost.

 How To Be Prepared: 


  • Have a completed manuscript beta read, proofread, and edited. (The more proofs the better!) 


  • Know the title of your book


  • Have a book cover idea in mind


  • Have an author bio ready


Erik Belmar


"Joel helped me put together my first book. Even taught me how the process works and how to trouble shoot. Great service, would highly recommend."


Abby Leblanc


"As someone who is a first-time self-publisher, I had NO idea where to start… Thank goodness I met Joel! Joel helped to make the process of self-publishing much easier than I anticipated.  He knew what he was doing, he was available 24/7 for questions or help, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my first book. Thanks Joel!"


Myles Burr


Joel Carpenter's book making service is one of a kind. Carpenter is easy to work with, does incredible work, and embraces writing of all kinds. His professional attitude and attention to detail helps make any idea come to fruition with poise and quality.


-Myles Burr

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