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Sometimes, I write.



j. Carpenter

Carpenter's writing is known for its provocative array of subject matter that grabs by the collar, and demands the readers attention. Joel dances between raw themes of love, death, sex, and substance abuse. Accounting in his own distinct way what it means to be human. 

In 2020 Joel self published his book "The Drunk Has Shot the Pilot" a collection of poems selected from J. Carpenter's first three works: Things We Lost, Religion and The Great American Relapse. 


Carpenter is an American poet and singer songwriter based in New England. He was born in 1992 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, then raised in Portland, Maine. Carpenter is the founder of Underground Writers Association, an independent publishing house with a mission to bring bold book projects from emerging writers to the market. 

Joel will be available for live readings again, once the world is COVID-19 safe. 

Featured Books


The Drunk Has Shot The Pilot


A selection of poetry from J. Carpenter's first three works.


The Best F-ing Poets You've Never Heard Of.

A poetry compilation featuring Myles Burr, J. Carpenter, Nicholas Coulombe and Elsbeth Willis.


J. Carpenter's Scrap Book


A book of Joel's favorite quotes.